In short, I am a technical consultant currently residing in Hong Kong, originally from the small country of Brunei.

I consider myself to be a software development enthusiast, someone who values and respects the art of software development and generally just enjoys building software! Building software involves much more than just knowing programming language(s). There is data, infra, security, performance and so many other aspects that needs to work together in tandem to be able to ultimately make a robust product. Besides the technical aspect, the almost-always overlooked-but-most-crucial part of a successful product is also the ability to communicate effectively. All too often, for a myriad of reasons, we unknowingly listen to the voices in our heads than the actual users needs. The ability to effectively communicate externally and internally is crucial. This is also part of the reason this blog has been created. To be a platform for me to journal and exercise ground, to learn to effectively share/write what I learn/know/find.

My recent interests particularly lie on the cloud and data which I will be intending to focus more on for this blog’s contents.

On top of my passion in software development, in my free time, I enjoy lifting weights, playing the guitar, and spending time honing my FIFA skills!