Azure IOT Hubs vs Event Hubs - What are the differences?

Quick summary on the differences between IoT Hubs vs Event Hubs

Posted by thebernardlim on January 12, 2020

Both Event Hub and IOT Hub are used for stream ingestion.

So when do we use which?
Below is a quick summary:

Difference #1 : Communication

Event Hub: 1 way communication from devices / sources
IoT Hub: Bi-directional communication between devices / sources

Difference #2 : Protocol

Event Hub: Limited protocol support — HTTPS, AMQP, AMQP
IoT Hub: Has additional — MQTT

Difference #3: Number of connections

Event Hub: Supports only up to 5000 connections simultaneously
IoT Hub: Supports > 5000 connections (Up to millions)

Difference #4: Security

Event Hub: Event Hub — wide identity using Shared Access Token (SAS)
Iot Hub: Each device has its own security credentials

Refer to the following links for more info: