Azure Streaming Analytics - Export / Import Streaming Analytics Jobs

Export / Import Streaming Analytics using Visual Studio Code

Posted by thebernardlim on January 28, 2020

Unlike other services, there is no ‘Export Template’ option within the portal as shown in an example below: export template


  1. One way to export a Streaming Analytics job is through Visual Studio Code

  2. Install Azure Stream Analytics Tools extension through the Extensions tab <p/> sa icon

  3. Click on the Azure tab. Stream Analytics extension should appear. <p/> sa extension

  4. Sign in to your Azure account and a list of existing Streaming Analytics jobs should appear.

  5. Browse over the job you would like to export and click on the ‘Download’ button. The job template will not be saved to your local. sa jobs

Importing / Submitting Jobs

  1. Open the downloaded / exported Streaming Analytics job folder in Visual Studio

  2. Click on the .asaql file

  3. On the top of the file, there will be a Submit to Azure option. On click, here you can choose the subscription you would like to deploy the job to. <p/> sa jobs1